Inspired by the greats yet devoted to authenticity as an artist, Boston’s Kyle Lucas brings a treasured edge of intention and heart to modern pop.

Openly influenced by the likes of Van Morrison as much so as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Adele, Kyle’s organic folk-pop arrangements follow soulful melodies and revealing lyrics, through an ultimately enchanting realm of acoustic guitar and subtle yet stylish rhythms.

‘Don’t Fall Asleep’ marked a bold introduction to the singer-songwriter realm, highlighting the delicacy and equal passion and power of Kyle’s voice across a deeply moving arena of intimacy and longing.

Committed to the cause and writing from an unwavering love for the art form, the singer, songwriter and producer forever promises stories of truthful revelation and meaning. His childhood days were those of an introspective, thoughtful and observant youth – traits the young artist soon learned to channel into masterful songwriting and captivating, memorable performances.

Unconfined by genre, Kyle’s music begins with a feeling or idea, and expands outwards as per the energy and emotions of the moments. As such, the vague blanket of indie pop is about the only tag required, for a collection of songs that breathe personality and contemplation into the current scene.

Though far from the beginning of his journey, the July 2022 single release will no doubt mark the start of a mighty new chapter for the ever-passionate creative.

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Kyle Lucas

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