Kyle Lucas – Don’t Fall Asleep (Single)
by Kyle Lucas

"Don't Fall Asleep" brings a breath of fresh air to the music community. For Kyle, the song is very personal, as it deals with the idea of pain and melancholia, often connected to the inability to move on. Unhealthy retrospection can create a state of limbo, that keeps us trapped and prevents us from moving on.

"Don't Fall Asleep" is a call to your loved one to stay "present" in a relationship, steering away from gone-by, toxic and delusional bonds that paralyse our ability to spiritually move on with the person at our side. Come back to the present, don't fall into the dark world of previous lies! "Don't fall asleep", but "stay awake with me" and see the love that surrounds you here and now!

This song is an amazing calling card for Kyle. With his debut single, Kyle has attempted to do more than create an indie song with a beautiful melody: His lyrics explore the deeper side of human feelings, good and bad, light and dark.

At first, his lyrics appear to explore the simple theme of love and affection. But as we continue the sonic journey, we realize that his song is much more than that! Underneath the obvious message of infatuation, Kyle investigates the temporal complexities of relationships. Memories can be so captivating, that they possess the power to hold us hostage in the past, hinder our ability to grow in the presence and potential threaten our happiness in the future!

What will love achieve? By leaving some of the questions unanswered, Kyle invites us to reflect on our own experiences and actively participate in this journey of emotional exploration. But not without foreshadowing the dual aspect of our human condition: Feelings can hold us back or they can liberate us; They can be a curse and a blessing. It is ultimately up to us to choose! We are left with a song that has the potential to rock us to the core and move us in a very beautiful way.

The song is also a gentle reminder to live life positive and to its fullest, always fighting for what is valuable, giving it all you have, irrespective of the outcome. As Kyle writes “It is better to live knowing that you gave it all, than having to deal with regrets for years to come”.
Find out more about Kyle Lucas, and do not miss out on "Don't Fall Asleep". This release is now available on some of the best digital music streaming outlets on the web.

Song Copyright: ℗© 2022 Kyle Lucas

Release year: 2022
Track Count: 1 song(s)
Album Length: 00:04:22
Genre: Singer-Songwriter | Indie Pop

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